Seeing Other Hands with Open Mind

It has been said that poker is both a math and psychology filled game. The math may be due to the element of chance and application of probability. The psychology part includes bluffing and observing tells.

Unlike blackjack where one is to beat the dealer's hand, poker players beat each other's hand or manipulate them so as to quit. That means that even if one does not hold a powerful house of cards but was able to convince others to fold, one can have the fought after pot.

During game play, to effectively bet players should have an insight on what cards the other person on the table is holding. One has seen how players on TV have bluff smoothly and seemed to see through the other player's cards.

As knowing the other player's card hold the key to winning the game, one poker professional shares how he does this prying over other's hand of cards with closed eyes. He says that if one follows it too, card reading may come like a breeze.

He describes it as back to front thinking. From the way he describes this technique, it requires a lot of logical thinking and experience. He gave two situations when he was able to sort of analyze his opponent's action. It was tricky and cannot be learned overnight.

To summarize, his methodology involves studying the betting patterns of one's opponent. With the cards on board, create possible cards the other player might be holding. On every turn of new community cards, check on his or her bet and narrow the hand one has earlier thought.

In his example when the other player raises a bet during the turn or river, what he did was to re-raise freely. It has been observed that players tend to raise later in the game when they don't hold a strong hand. This is one assurance.

And also re-raising can fool other players into thinking one has premium cards than what one actually own. If one has a good hand, there is no harm in offering additional money into pot. One could win it over the showdown or later when others fold. The re-raising this way is more of a psychological trick.

To be able to use his strategy to the maximum, the basic tricks of poker such as bluffing have already been mastered. But he also advises on change to another strategy of his does not fit. He must have been aware how difficult it is for other players to follow his winning streak using his way of thinking. People think differently from each other.