Poker Mag Exec Jeff Shulman is a Poker Pro

Like father, like son. This is in its truest sense when we talk about poker professionals Barry and Jeff Shulman. Barry has contributed numerous things in the poker world. He has not only been a popular poker professional but he has also been known as the publisher and owner of the poker magazine "CardPlayer Magazine." We are actually not going to talk about Barry. We are actually going to talk about Jeff Shulman, the son of Barry. It is not surprising that Jeff Shulman has followed in the footsteps of his father. Just like Barry, he is also a poker professional. And just like daddy, the son is also an executive of CardPlayer Media LLC.

Jeff Shulman was in the third grade when he started playing poker but his emergence into the professional poker world began in 1999. He joined numerous poker events in 2000 but the most notable of them all was his attendance at the 31st Annual World Series of Poker. This poker professional was one of the players who qualified for the championship of the No Limit Hold'em game. He was one of the top ten poker professionals to reach the final table. He won US$146,700 as the cash prize for the seventh placer. One of the poker professionals he played against was Chris Ferguson, who emerged as the eventual winner.

In 2001, Jeff Shulman was seen participating in various major poker events. He was the 16th placer in a Limit Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo event conducted at the Los Angeles Poker Classic tournament. This poker professional was also always one of the top ten players to reach the final table at such events as the Winnin 'O' The Green tournament, the Mini Series poker tournament, the California State Championship, the Orleans Open Poker Tournament, the Heavenly Hold'em tournament, the Four Queens Poker Classic tournament, the National Championship of Poker tournament, and the Howard "Tahoe" Andrews Celebrity Challenge tournament.

Jeff Shulman had continuously been active as a poker professional between 2002 and 2006. He was not only participating in one or two poker events but in more than five poker events.

In 2007, Jeff Shulman attended the World Championship of the World Poker Tour as well as the 38th Annual World Series of Poker. His major victory this year was when he became the second placer at a No Limit Hold'em event of the World Poker Tour held on April 9. The cash prize that this poker professional took home totaled to US$122,465.

When he is not playing, Jeff Shulman attends to his duties as features editor, chief operating officer, and president of "Card Player Magazine." He also spends time with his wife Christy Devine and son when he finds time out from poker.