Misdeals on Poker: When do They Occur

Being a dealer is no easy task. One must shuffle the cards properly, cut correctly, and avoid exposing cards that are not meant to be known. In tournaments, dealers are replaced after every game.

Party hosts are not advised to deal for hosting responsibilities interfere with a dealer's job. At times the dealer might be concentrating too much on keeping up the pot and forget to keep attention to other player's as well.

Whenever a misdeal happens, the cards are shuffled and cut again. The dealer need not be changed and he or she does the reshuffling and cutting. But in cases he misdeals twice, the task of a dealer is transferred to the player to his or her right.

There are several conditions that may be called a misdeal. One is if during dealing one or more cards are revealed in cutting or reuniting the deck. Or a deck has not been offered to the correct player to cut and the pot has not been established yet. If the pot has been opened and an abnormality has occured the dealer may stand and declare there is a need for a new deal.

A misdeal could happen when a pack has not been cut and the betting has not started yet cards were distributed. It could also happen when the dealer before the draw bares a player's cards.

If a player exposes one or more of one's card any time during the play and the dealer stands, there no misdeal. If it is the dealer that exposes his hand yet he stands, there is no misdeal.

Now if one or more cards are seen face up in the pack before each player has received his five cards or betting has not yet started, this is considered misdeal.

If it is discovered that a pack with fewer cards than the standard deck has been used and the pot has not yet been gathered, there is a misdeal. Play is stopped as soon as possible when the incomplete deck is discovered and each player gets back the money they placed into the pot.

When cards are not properly dealt like when one gets excess or less than five before the pot was opened it is considered a misdeal. This hold true when at one dealing round a player receives two instead of one it also called a misdeal. In cases that it was known before pot was uncovered and player got a look into one's cards it can be corrected and no misdeal happens.

With all those situations it sure is hard to be a dealer.