How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is a very simple game you'll find in any casino. It works like a slot machine but let's you use your poker skills as well. It might seem like a mysterious device at first, since a lot of players get the same feeling when playing slot machines for the first time. The rules of video poker are really easy to follow.

The objective of video poker is to make a poker hand or combination of cards. The winning combinations or poker hands are listed on the top of the video poker screen. The hands are awarded according to the pay schedule posted. You'll notice that the game is based on a variation of poker. You'll notice the style of the game and the hands that are awarded.

There are many types of video poker machines out there. These video poker machines vary in game play, poker variation, awards and bonuses, and others. Though there are a lot of video poker variants, the way the game is played really very simple and game play is quite uniform among the different kinds of video poker machines.

Like any gambling machine, you should first post your wager in a video poker machine before you start playing. Different video poker machines use different ways to place your bets. Some machines use real money, but the newer video poker machines will use tickets.

After making your wager (a.k.a. getting credits) on a video poker machine, you start the game by pressing the "deal" button. The machine will deal you five cards that you will see on the screen. You can put a card on "hold" (i.e. keep a card on your hand) by pressing the hold button for that card or to replace certain cards that you don't like. You do that on a video poker machine by holding cards you like and pressing the deal button again.

That way, new cards will replace the cards that are not on "hold". The objective is to get the best hand or at least a winning hand that is listed on the pay schedule on the video poker screen. If your hand is listed on the pay schedule you get paid off. This is the part of a video poker game that is very similar to a slot machine.

There are video poker machines that let you use more than one hand, others would let you use wild cards, and there's the video poker machine that has a progressive jackpot like a slot machine. The game play may differ slightly but they all fall under the pattern mentioned above.

Video poker is really a simple casino game. When you play video poker, you have a chance to test your luck and your poker skills.