Advancing Errors

Intermediate players are not spared from making mistakes even as they gain learning experiences in playing numerous games. Exposing these errors serves as reminders not to commit or seldom commit them in future games.

One of the biggest mistakes is ignoring the opponents' cards. Poker is not just how strong one's hand is but, how strong is that hand against the other player's hand. The mistake some players make is that they place too much attention on their hand and not enough on what the other players may have in their hands. To be better at poker means breaking through one opponent's style. And that also includes speculating what cards are in his or her hand.

Another mistake is joining many tournaments. Some would say there is a great luck factor in these tournaments, it is difficult to consistently win and much skill is required to do so. Tournaments are no doubt fun, but joining such will not polish one's ability in the game. Tournaments are not a good place to sharpen one's skill on the finer points of poker. More games and less tournament play will give one much more experience.

If one is thinking of playing with players other than one's usual buddies try out the ring games. Here the stakes are low and the players are not generally so good. This makes an excellent place to test and work on those skills without risking too much money.

A diary of one's wins and losses is not necessary but a good tool. It would be useful in places where tax is placed on gambling wins. It is also crucial in examining one's games. It could give out an alarm that one is already losing thousands and the earnings from wins are down only to the hundreds. In such cases one needs to lower bets and review playing styles. If one's record includes the game location and the bet one is able to get a fair view of what instances is favorable to one. One cannot be good in all places at all times.

There are good players that end up losing heaps of money because they play in games they were just destined not to win. Although no one can prevent one from bankruptcy statistics are useful in game selection and knowing one's winning atmosphere.

It is good to read books on poker strategy but remember strictly following what one has read in a book is also not advisable but, use it as a guide. Poker games involve flexibility. Being predictable could be one's downfall. Some player's are good at picking other people's pattern and using this skill in beating them. So if one is predictable then the person who reads styles will normally beat the predictable player. Move to fresh poker rooms when online and gain experience of different players. Also learn to adapt ones style so as to confuse the other players.